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Couple Therapy Session


Welcome and thanks for visiting us here!

Our boutique-style, family-centered practice of therapists works collaboratively with you to help grow and build mental health resources and improve social relationships. 

We provide individual therapy, parenting support, group therapy and other services. We offer both in-office and telehealth appointments.  

If you are interested in scheduling with one of our providers, please complete this New Client Inquiry Form and we will follow up with you to discuss scheduling. Please indicate your availability on the form and if you are available for daytime appointments. 

Summer groups for 2024 are now posted! 

A little history...

The name CORE Connection was chosen in 2014 based on the cognitive and relationship based therapy approaches and models that informed our work with clients.

Over the past few years, our study of polyvagal theory has helped expand our understanding of the autonomic nervous system and how important it's functions are to understanding human behavior. Polyvagal theory is a new lens through which we see emotions, behaviors and relationships.  The Vagus Nerve connects our brain and body and regulates many of our functions including heart rate, respiration, digestion and regulation.  The theory aligns with the relational neuroscience approach we value at CORE Connection. If you're curious to know more, check out this video produced by The Polyvagal Institute.

Together, we will work to establish therapeutic goals and identify the outcomes you hope to achieve. Therapy can be efficient and solution-focused, or for those living with on-going mental health issues or developmental challenges, therapy may be part of a comprehensive treatment approach involving family members, other service providers and schools.

We believe it is a great privilege to do this work and we offer our sincere respect, appreciation, and commitment to those who place their trust in our care.    

If you're looking for extra support and guidance as you navigate these challenging times or you're ready to develop new skills or strengthen relationships, we look forward to connecting!