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Emotional Learning Groups

Social/Emotional Learning Groups- Summer Registration Form


Zen Zones -Tools to stay Cool!

Girls 4th-6th grade - Days and Time TBD

Zen Zones Application

Participants will learn how to keep their cool when emotions are running high.  This group is for any child or preteen that sometimes struggles with strong emotions (worry, anger, sadness).  Participants will learn preventative strategies to incorporate into daily life as well as what to do when they encounter a problem.  Zones of Regulation® strategies will be taught as well as YogaKids stretches and breathing exercises. All participants will come away with a physical toolkit including a journal, stress fidget, and cards for their favorite yoga poses.  Facilitated by Jessica Amedeo, LCSW.



Social-emotional discovery: a girls’ book group 

Girls 7-9 years old

This group is for girls ages 7-9  who are needing/wanting a group experience while learning about their emotional and social selves.  Topics will include friendship, self-esteem, and empathy. Books will consist of both storybooks read in group and manageable chapter books to be read in segments at home (all books are ones available at the library).  Supporting group activities (discussion, art, and/or role play) will occur during at least half of the group time. Facilitated by Amy Malone, LCSW

Brain exercise with art: a social-emotional development group

Girls age 11-13

This group is for girls who are looking for a summer social experience while engaging in self-awareness art activities.  Topics covered in these brain-building groups may include self-esteem, empathy, mindfulness, and more. All activities will be simple with basic supplies.  Discussion/sharing will occur at each group. Facilitated by Amy Malone, LCSW

Emotional Regulation Groups- Wait list for future groups