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Social Learning Groups

Summer 2019 

General Summer group flyer

Summer Group Application-Social CBT, Little Social Explorers, Creative Kids Design Club

Summer Group Application- Social Theatre

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Social Cognitive Skills groups for:

⇒  Children, and teens based on age/grade and social cognitive skills level.

⇒ Participants who have average or above cognitive abilities and solid language skills.

⇒ Participants who are able to regulate their behavior with minimal prompting/support.


See below for more information on the types of social cognitive skills groups:  Social CBT, Social Theatre™ and Creative Kid Design Club




Social Cognitive Skills (Social CBT) Groups

Social CBT Groups:  Our social-cognitive behavior therapy groups use cognitive psychotherapy concepts along with vocabulary and methodology from Social Thinking®. These groups work on perspective taking, self awareness, social awareness, self regulation and how our thoughts and feelings influence our behavior. We work on teaching problem solving and more adaptive ways to think about and cope with environmental and social stressors. Self regulation and social attention are important skills for social functioning and necessary to improve our ability to observe and process social information with more reliability. Participants will learn to work together and provide one another with supportive and constructive peer feedback.

Elementary K-1st grade 

Elementary 2nd-3rd 

Boys 4th-5th grade 

Girls 4th -5th grade

Boys Middle School group

Girls Middle School group



Little Social Explorers 

3-4 years old 

( Wednesdays 2:30 - 3:30, beginning June 12 through July 31)

Are you looking for a place for your preschooler to interact with other three and four-year olds, while developing essential social emotional skills in a fun and engaging way? Then this is the group for you! Using the We Thinkers Social ThinkingⓇ curriculum, each session will focus on one of the five core Social ThinkingⓇ concepts - thinking thoughts and feeling feelings, thinking with your eyes, following the group plan, keeping your body in the group and whole body listening - to support your child’s perspective taking and social self-awareness with games, music, books and a lot of play! Each group session will end with a structured activity including parents/guardians, as well as a parent de-briefing with the clinician, which will include suggestions for at-home activities.   




Social Theatre™ Groups 

Social Theatre occurs in a group therapy setting, where participants learn about social skills through script writing and improvisational theatre activities.  Participants are taken through a collaborative writing process at the speed they are comfortable, then eventually perform their own skits in the community.   Scripts are written about social fails and how to correct the situations.  Their skits include strategies utilizing social emotional concepts from Social Thinking®, Assertiveness Training, Skillstreaming, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Actual sessions are 45-50 minutes with a parent briefing afterwards.  The parent briefing includes a discussion of the activities, the rationale and teaching behind the activities, as well as an optional weekly family assignment.  Moreover, during this time, we also brainstorm and plan outings where the participants can perform.

Saturdays: intermediate (3-5th) nuance social learner

Saturdays: Junior High (6-8th) social level TBD

Saturdays: High School nuance social learner

Mondays: Jr. High emerging social learner

Mondays: High School emerging social learner



Young Adult/College Age Social Theatre coming this fall click here for flyer 



For more information on these groups and to order a copy of her new book, please visit Shawn Amador's website  Social Theatre.org 

Creative Kids Design Club

8 week group session

4th & 5th grade boys group

Day and Time - TBD

Apply social cognitive strategies and regulation tools, in a group setting with other kids, to create something amazing!

This group is for children in grade levels 4th-6th with some prior experience learning Social Thinking concepts.  

Each week a different social thinking concept will be reviewed and individual goals/intentions for the session will be set around that concept.  The creative design project will be selected by the group but may include: lego design then building and/or a Rube Goldberg machine (a chain reaction made by a series of simple machines).  The first 3 weeks will be introductory/planning, the next 4 weeks will be devoted to creating and perfecting our design, then the last week will be a presentation of the final product.



Please sign up for our wait list if interested in upcoming group opportunities.. 

For general group information, philosophy for grouping, schedule and fees click here

For more information on Social Thinking please visit their website