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Telehealth & COVID-19 Updates

Telehealth & COVID-19 Practice Updates 

We will continue to provide services to our clients via online telehealth and in-office appointments. Please check with your insurance to verify if telehealth is covered under your policy as with the Health Emergency ending in May 2023 there may be some changes in some policies. ​​​​​

  • If we are not in your network, please verify coverage for telehealth with your insurance carrier or HR Department to confirm coverage.

Office Policies:

  • If the client or anyone in the household has Covid-19 symptoms, has tested positive, or has been exposed to someone who is positive, please notify your therapist so your appointment can be rescheduled or moved to telehealth.
  • If the client or family members have any cold, respiratory or other symptoms associated with Covid-19 regardless of test results or vaccine status, please notify your therapist and discuss rescheduling, masking or moving appointment to telehealth. 

We hope you and your family stay healthy and if you need additional support, please reach out.