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Telehealth & COVID-19 Updates

Telehealth & COVID-19 Practice Updates 7-1-2020

Due to Covid-19 and the current Phase 4 status for Illinois, we will open for in-office appointments on a limited basis beginning on July 7th. 

We will continue to provide services to our clients via online telehealth appointments and due to the serious risks associated with Covid-19 we suggest you continue sessions via telehealth if possible.


  • Current clients who would like to schedule online therapy sessions will need to complete the Online Therapy Consent Form.​​​​​


  • If you are a new client, please complete this New Client Inquiry Form and we will follow up to discuss scheduling. 

Insurance Coverage for Telehealth:

  • Please be aware insurance coverage for telehealth may be changing. Blue Cross has advised they will continue to cover telehealth sessions through the end of 2020 for most plans. Plans that are employer based and self funded may not continue to extend this benefit. If you have questions, please contact your insurance carrier or HR Department to confirm coverage.

We have been provided the following information regarding some of the other carriers but please verify with your insurance company to confirm telehealth benefits will continue. Cost-sharing refers to copay, coinsurance and deductibles not yet met. 

  • BCBS: covering telehealth until 12/30, waiving cost-sharing until 6/30

  • Humana: covering telehealth until 12/30, waiving cost-sharing until 12/30

  • Aetna: covering telehealth until 9/30, waiving cost-sharing until 9/30

  • Cigna: covering telehealth until 7/31, waiving cost-sharing until 7/31

  • UHC/Optum: covering telehealth until 7/24, waiving cost-sharing until 6/18

  • Note: Many of these payors are only covering fully funded plans, those covered under employer based plans may have varying coverage depending on the employer plan design. Always call to verify.


We hope you and your family stay healthy and if you need additional support, please reach out. We will post any updates on this website page, our facebook page and also will send emails to current clients. 

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