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Social/Emotional Skills Groups


2024 Summer Groups    Group of children smiling 

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Summer Group Flyer 

     Intake fee is $70-$125 depending on group

    Group fee range $65-$80 (self pay rate range $55-$70) 


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Elementary - Middle School

Social Learning Groups for Elementary – Jackie Weber, LCSW - CLOSED                Groups for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (level1), ADHD, and/or anxiety disorders. 

Who:      Kids in grades 3rd-5th 

What:     Social skills group using role play, cooperative and fantasy games, experiential learning activities, books, and play-based strategies informed by Social Thinking™ methodology.                                                                                                  
When: Thursday, time tbd

Goals of this group will be for children to understand and learn how to navigate the social world, to
respond to various social situations and interactions effectively and make improvement in social goals.
Weekly activities will strengthen social perspective taking, self-awareness, executive functioning, and
social problem-solving skills.

Weekly feedback will be provided to parents at the end of each group session, including a review of the concepts taught during the session and suggestions on how to reinforce these ideas at home and in other settings. Additionally, monthly parent sessions will be offered.

Confident, Crafty Kids- Courtney Brown, LCSW, Jessica Amedeo, LCSW- CLOSED   

Therapeutic art and craft activities help to increase a child’s self-awareness, reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, and can boost self-esteem.

Who:    Kids in grades 2nd-4th   

What:  Join us for a creative, therapeutic group to build confidence, connection, and regulation

When:  Wednesdays at 5:00 pm 

             Group will meet for 7 sessions,  June 12th-July 31st (no group on July 3rd)

             Group length: 50-55 minute sessions with a brief parent debrief at the end 

$12 material fee for each participant 

*Group size will be 3-6 participants 

Group goals include: 

  • Create a safe and comfortable group environment

  • Explore creative activities (through multiple modalities such as: painting, collage making, etc.) that assist in building confidence

  • Exercise healthy self-expression through art and verbal communication (no artistic talent required)

  • Learn about and practice mindfulness skills to help participants remain calm and regulated in their daily lives 

For questions regarding the specific planned activities, please contact Courtney Brown at:  [email protected]. I look forward to working with interested participants and their families. 


Social Theatre Groups- Closed- next session in Fall 0f 2024

3rd-5th grade (fall of 2024) - Saturday 9am

6th-8th 2023-24 (fall of 2024)  -Saturday 10am

Tentative start date TBD

Social Theatre is a group created by Shawn Amador, LCSW, a therapist and author who has run the groups for CORE Connection since 2015.  In Social Theatre, participants learn and practice different skills with the use of improv theatre and humorous skits.  The skills learned and practiced are: reading the room, understanding relationship and trust levels, perspective taking, conversation strategies, and cognitive flexibility.  

Social Theater groups are for clients with social challenges related to ADHD, Autism (level1) and Anxiety who are able to stay regulated in a group environment. 


Mindful Moves-Jessica Amedeo, LCSW and Courtney Brown, LCSW  -Closed- next session Fall 0f 2024

Self-awareness and coping through movement

Facilitators: Jessica Amedeo, LCSW and Courtney Brown, LCSW

WHO: Kids entering 4th through 6th grades in the Fall 2024.


  • Mindfully identify emotions and develop awareness of the body’s experience of emotions

  • Practice mindfulness through breathing exercises, stretching, and visualization.

  • Learning basic yoga poses to uplift, energize, and boost our moods

WHEN:  Wednesdays, 6:15 pm

The group will begin on Wednesday, June 12th and run through Wednesday, July 31st. There will be no group the first week of July. Group members are kindly requested to attend all group sessions, or limit their absence to 1 session.


One-time intake fee:         $70

Weekly session fee:         $55 per session, 7 total 

*Note: This is a psychoeducational group accepting self-pay only. 

Group members are asked to bring a yoga mat to each group session. Yoga mats can be available for purchase to keep after the first group session for a fee of $15. 

Cultivating Confidence, Acceptance, and Positivity for Teen Girls, Courtney Brown, LCSW- Closed for summer session

WHO: Girls entering grade 7, 8, 9 in the fall of 2024

WHEN:   When: Mondays, 6:15 pm, beginning June 10th- Monday July 29th, no group on July 1, 2024
Group will meet for 50-55 minutes for 7 sessions 

This group is geared towards neurotypical individuals, entering grades 7, 8 and 9. This
group has been designed to promote a sense of community and empowerment
between group members as they learn new skills and strategies. Group members
will learn about acceptance and self-compassion as an avenue toward positivity
and confidence.

This seven week group will focus on:

  • Developing balanced habits and mindsets
  • Shifting negative thoughts to neutral, non-judgmental ones
  • Increased awareness of distorted thinking and beliefs
  • Exploring the connection between social media usage and mood

Group members are kindly requested to attend all group sessions, or limit their absence to 1
session. Individual sessions can be scheduled with the therapist in the circumstance of
a missed group. Group members are asked to bring a notebook or journal to each group

Young Adult 

Ready to SOAR Young Adults Social Learning Group, Jackie Weber, LCSW

Group Flyer

WHO:  Ongoing group geared towards young adults who have recently graduated high school through their mid-20s, with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, and/or social anxiety, who want to experience more success in their social lives and are ready to soar into emerging adulthood!

WHEN: Thursday, time and start date, TBD

Are you embarking on a quest to increase your Self-awareness, Opportunities for social engagement, Achieve more autonomy and Regulate your emotions?

Emerging adulthood is a distinct phase of life, with a unique set of challenges. Some individuals require more support to navigate the journey of adulthood.

Young adults who participate in this group have an interest in forming meaningful social connections
with others, communicating more effectively, and feeling more confident in their ability to handle
various social situations. This group will participate in activities aimed at reducing fear and apprehension
in social situations and learn skills and strategies to overcome the barriers that may be impacting their
goals for social engagement.

Group members will experience personal growth and enhanced social success through learning
emotional regulation skills, mindfulness techniques, role play and other skill building activities, parental
participation, and peer support. Group activities will bolster social skills, promote authentic experiences,
and provide opportunities to practice learned social skills. Group discussion and activities will allow for
members to learn from the experiences of others and hone communication and teamwork skills.


College and Career Transitions Group for Young Adults, Jackie Weber, LCSW

Group Flyer

WHO:  ongoing group geared towards young adults (18-25), transitioning into college and/or first jobs, with autism spectrum disorder - level 1, ADHD, and/or anxiety. This group will focus on enhancing group members’ understanding of executive functioning skills that are integral to navigating college life, the transition into the workforce and young adulthood.

WHEN: Thursday, time and start date, TBD

This group will use a strategy-based Social Thinking™ framework called the 10 Levels of Independence.
Sessions will focus first on the foundational, critical skills for living independently – establishing healthy
sleep patterns, forming everyday wellness habits around nutrition, physical movement, and self-
care/hygiene tasks, and then move on to more advanced skills.
These areas will include, establishing and
maintaining relationships, planning and goal setting, organization, time management and finding
balance among the main areas of adulthood (education, career, relationships, and leisure activities).
Young adults who participate in this group are interested in developing essential life skills that will
benefit them in their academic and professional pursuits, as well as relationships, with a goal to function
daily without constant support from adults and peers.