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Social/Emotional Skills Groups


Fall 2022 Groups    Group of children smiling 

Fall Groups are now closed. Please check back beginning in December for the Winter/Spring group offerings. 


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Elementary - Middle School

Social Thinking- Social Explorers - Jamie Wiora, LCSW - CLOSED

Social Thinking-  Social Explorers and Problem Solvers

Co-ed Grades K-2 Maximum 4 Participants

Learn to be social explorers and problem solvers!  We will be using the Social Thinking We Thinkers book series.  Join us for guided story adventures with a variety of themes such as,  Thinking Thoughts and Feeling Feelings, following the Group Plan, Thinking with Our Eyes, Body in the Group, Flexible Thinking, Making a Smart Guess,  Size of the Problem, and much more!  We will use toys, games, pretend play, and music.  Our adventures will take us to pirate ships and on arctic adventures.  

8-10 sessions 

50-55 minute sessions with a 5- 10 minute parent feedback session included

Time: Monday at 5:30 beginning October 17 or when filled.  No group on Halloween Monday 10/31/22

Fee: $65 per session, insurance accepted, details regarding in network coverage can be found on our website or by contacting your insurance provider.  


Movie Time Social Skills for Middle School- Jamie Wiora, LCSW-CLOSED

Coed- Grades 5,6,7 -Maximum 4 Participants 

Spend some time watching popular movies and learning social skills while connecting with peers using the Movie Time Social Learning curriculum by Anna Vagin. Movie time uses social thinking concepts.   Participants will watch a variety of engaging movies ranging from simple to more advanced depending on participants' needs.  Participants will dive into reading context, interpreting thoughts and feelings, making predictions, and discussing social interactions.  Prospective group members should be able to be relatively independent with maintaining  self regulation and physical boundaries with others.  

8-10 Weeks 

50-60 minute sessions with a 5-10 minute parent feedback session included 

Time: Mondays at 6:30  beginning October 17 or when filled.  No group on Halloween Monday 10/31/22

Fee: $65 per session, insurance accepted, details regarding in network coverage can be found on our website or by contacting your insurance provider.  


Creative Kids Build and Connect- Jamie Wiora, LCSW-CLOSED

Boys Grades 4,5,6*  Maximum 3 participants

Please note grade level as it was listed incorrectly in our recent email. Thanks!

Participants will practice social communication skills during play based hands-on activities such as Legos, marble tracks, magnet tiles, and dominos.  We will work on building skills and confidence in conversations with peers, navigating play situations, transitions, and cooperation with one another.  Participants will work on communicating their emotions, wants, and needs effectively, while having fun!  This group would be appropriate for emerging social communicators and children who may need some support such as modeling, direct teaching of expectations, and use of visual supports for assisting in expressive communication.  Participants should be able to maintain safe behaviors throughout the sessions with a 1:3 ratio of therapist to participants.   Visual supports for expectations, schedule, and emotional communication will be modeled and available.  

60 minute sessions with a 5-10 parent feedback session included 

8-10 weeks 

Time: Wednesdays at 5:00 beginning the week of October 19, 2022.  No group on 11/23/22.  

Fee: $75 per session, insurance accepted, details regarding in network coverage can be found on our website or by contacting your insurance provider.  

Social Theatre- -Shawn Amador, LCSW

Junior High aged group

Saturdays @ 9am

Social Theatre utilizes targeted skill improv and humorous/lighthearted role plays to practice teach and practice social skills. Social Thinking®, mindfulness, and CBT concepts are intertwined into group activities.  This group works on nuanced skills and is targeted towards those with Autism Level 1, ADHD and/or Anxiety.

Clients who have difficulty with understanding more subtle/nuanced social skills

  • Create a space where teens feel comfortable

  • Rehearse social behaviors to increase relationships

  • Learn brainstorming, accepting and building on others’ idea

  • Enhance confidence through feeling validated

See below for a description of Social Theatre and a flyer for group here


Teen Group

Intro To DBT Coping Skills- Courtney Brown, LCSW & Jessica Amedeo, LCSW

Wednesday at 6:15 beginning September 21st- December 7th

Are you a teen who?

  • Experiences strong emotions
  • Feels overwhelmed easily
  • Wants to feel more connected to others
  • Struggles with negative thoughts

Our group can help to:

  • Increase self-awareness, problem solving skills, and effective communication skills to enhance your relationships
  • Tolerate distress and learn how to navigate emotionally triggering situations
  • Learn concrete coping skills

See group information here


Young Adult 


Ready to Launch Group - Shawn Amador, LCSW


See group description here



General Social Group descriptions

Social Cognitive Skills (Social CBT) Groups

Social CBT Groups:  Our social-cognitive behavior therapy groups use cognitive psychotherapy concepts along with vocabulary and methodology from Social Thinking®. These groups work on perspective taking, self awareness, social awareness, self regulation and how our thoughts and feelings influence our behavior. We work on teaching problem solving and more adaptive ways to think about and cope with environmental and social stressors. Self regulation and social attention are important skills for social functioning and necessary to improve our ability to observe and process social information with more reliability. Participants will learn to work together and provide one another with supportive and constructive peer feedback.

⇒  Children, and teens based on age/grade and social cognitive skills level.

⇒ Participants who have average or above cognitive abilities and solid language skills.

⇒ Participants who are able to regulate their behavior with minimal prompting/support.

Group Information Sheet 


Social Theatre™ Groups 

Social Theatre occurs in a group therapy setting, where participants learn about social skills through role playing, collaborative idea creating, and improvisational theatre activities through a 14 week semester.  Skills targeted are reading the room, feelings expression of self and others, appropriate conversation and reactions for different relationship levels, and perspective taking.  The concepts utilized in Social Theatre is inclusive of social emotional concepts from Social Thinking®, Peers UCLA curriculum, Assertiveness Training, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Actual sessions are 50 minute sessions with a parent briefing afterwards.  The parent briefing includes a discussion of the activities, the rationale and teaching behind the activities, as well as an optional weekly family assignment.  
For more information on these groups and to order a copy of her book, please visit Shawn Amador's website  Social Theatre.org 



For more information on Social Thinking please visit their website